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There are so many things that you have to do before you move. You will have to call your homeowner insurance company. Your insurance coverage may need to change when you move to your new place. You will also have to do a lot of packing. Additionally, if you have pets, then packing up and moving can be even more difficult. In addition to getting pet insurance, there are many things that you can do to make this move easier for your pets.

Tips On Moving With Pets

Prepare Your Pets For The Move

Cats and dogs typically do not like change. You can prepare your pets for this move by bringing the moving boxes in before you move. You should also keep your pets in the same room while you are packing up on moving day. However, if your pet is spooked, then you may want to keep him or her at a friend’s house until you finish packing up.

Make Sure Your Pet Has ID Tags And Collars

This is just as important as getting pet insurance. Your pet should have a collar and ID tag with your contact information on it. You may also want to get your pet microchipped. This will give you extra protection just in case your pet loses his or her collar and ID tag. Your insurance coverage may include microchipping.

Put Your Pet In His Or Her Crate

This is one of the most important tips on moving with pets. Your pet probably has not spent a lot of time in his or her crate. You can prepare your pet for the move by putting the pet in the crate every day and gradually increasing the time that he or she spends there.

Take Breaks Regularly

When you are thinking about your homeowner insurance, you should also make sure that you schedule breaks. Regular breaks are important for both you and your pet.

Moving With Your Pets

October 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Pet Insurance - (0 Comments)

5 Tips for Moving with Your Pets


Moving can be stressful enough for humans. It can be even worse for pets. However, there are ways you can make sure both you and your pets have a smooth transition. Below are five tips on moving with pets that can help.

1. Take Your Pet to the Vet

You should visit the vet one more time before you move. This can reassure you that your pet is healthy enough to travel and adjust to a new home. You can also get a copy of your pet’s vet records so you can hand them over to the new vet.


2. Contact the Airline About Your Pet

If you need to travel by air during your move, contact the airline about their rules regarding pet storage. You’ll likely have to pay a transportation fee as well as pet insurance.


3. See If Your Pet Will Affect Your Homeowner Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, some homeowner insurance plans charge higher premiums if you own a pet. Try to find an insurer that doesn’t if you are moving into a new house.


4. Use a Carrier If You Need To

If your pet isn’t that well behaved in the car, you should probably invest in a carrier to help make the move easier. However, some pets do better in carriers than others. If it’s not really needed, you might be better off letting them sit in a passenger seat.


5. Take Plenty of Water and Bathroom Breaks

On a long drive with an animal like a cat or dog, you need to make sure you give them bathroom breaks every few hours. You don’t want your pet to have an accident in your car. Also make sure your pet is properly hydrated during the trip. Bring your pet’s water dish. Some dogs may also be able to drink out of a glass if that’s more convenient for you on the road.

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