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Save Your Energy!

December 10th, 2015 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Homeowners Insurance - (0 Comments)

Reduce Home Energy Costs throughout the Holidays

The busy holiday season can lead to an increase in home energy costs unless you prepare ahead of time. One of the main reasons for excessive energy usage during the winter holidays is because temperatures begin to drop, and you must have a home’s furnace working throughout the day and night.

Keep Doors Closed

You may have relatives and friends entering and leaving your home for holiday parties, and this leads to a home’s doors opening and closing frequently. As doors open and close, cold air enters and climate-controlled air leaves. You will notice that a furnace is turning on and off more often or feel cold drafts inside a home.

Buy New Lights

To keep a home warmer in the winter, urge guests to open and close doors quickly and firmly by posting a sign on each door. Saving on home energy costs is also possible when buying holiday lights for the exterior of a home and a Christmas tree. There are solar-powered lights that shine brightly each evening to provide a decorative holiday ambience.

Close Window Draperies

If you need to use holiday lights further away from windows, then choose light-emitting diode bulbs to reduce home energy costs. At night, make sure to close your home’s draperies to prevent heat loss and turn off holiday lights until the next evening.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage Policy

Saving on home energy costs in the kitchen is also possible during the holidays by baking all of your cookies, cupcakes and pies at the same time and freezing the foods for use later comparaison prix cialis. With all of the money you are saving on home energy costs, it is easy for you to increase insurance coverage to protect your family from catastrophic events.

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