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Buying that new home is an exciting time. You have a new neighborhood, schools and shopping areas to visit. Moving can be a bit scary, too. Here are tips for moving into a new home that many don’t think about.

Setting a budget

One of the best tips for moving into a new home is always set a moving budget. There are moving costs that many don’t consider. Of course, you have your closing expenses and will need to purchase homeowners insurance coverage, but there are other expenses.

Other expenses

If you use a moving company, you’ll need to budget for that. Moving companies rates can be high, and if not careful, you could go over your budget. Make sure to go over your insurance coverage with your agent to see what all is covered. You may have property covered but not contents. It’s best to get homeowners insurance coverage for contents and property.

You’ll have deposits for utilities to factor into your moving budget if you’re moving to a different area. If you’re in the same state, you can generally transfer power but not water. You’ll have expenses for moving your cable or satellite and home phone. In suburbs, there’ll be expenses for garbage pick-up. Depending on what type of school or daycare you need effects that expense.

Another cost is parking expense. Some cities require you to purchase yearly parking decals. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if this is applicable. If you’re thinking of taking public transportation, you’ll want to know the cost.


Moving costs can be expensive if you aren’t careful. From insurance coverage to moving companies, it adds up. Don’t get blindsided by expenses not expected. Create a budget and stick to it.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time for a family. It can also be stressful and hectic if things are not planned out and some simple thing are kept in mind. There are a few tips for moving to a new home that will make the transition smooth and enjoyable.

The first consideration would be moving costs and the family budget. This can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Variables would include the distance of the move, any company compensation, and the extent which moving companies are used.

A moving budget should be set up in the early stages of the transition. If the move is for a new job or a relocation, check to see if some if not all of the costs can be payed for by the employer.

The use of a moving company is a large expense, but is often quite necessary depending on the amount of household items to be moved and the timeline for the family. It may be appealing to save some money and do all of the moving with friends and family, but consider the time and physical effort involved in this undertaking. There are many levels of service when it comes to the use of a moving company.

Finally, insurance coverage needs to be clarified with any move. Some existing homeowners insurance policies will protect a family during the transition into the new home. Some policies may have gaps in this area. Be sure to clarify what the exact coverage is during this time of transition and make certain there are no gaps.

With some basic planning and a moving budget, a transition to the new home can be a smooth and a joyful time. The work prior to such a move will prove to be very beneficial.

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