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Understanding home fireplace safety is vitally important during the winter months to avoid dangerous situations that can occur. One of the most important ways to protect a family’s finances is having homeowner’s insurance coverage in case a catastrophic event does happen.

Fireplace Safety Tip One: A Yearly Inspection

At least once a year, a homeowner should have a fireplace and its chimney inspected by technicians. This service call includes having the interior of the chimney stack cleaned from top to bottom to remove greasy creosote that can lead to flames.

Fireplace Safety Tip Two: Protect Furniture and Carpets from Sparks

Protect furniture and carpets near the fire pit from sparks with a fireproof stone floor. Homeowners should also place a metal fire screen in front of the flames after the logs begin burning.

Fireplace Safety Tip Three: Understand How to Build a Fire

Make sure to understand how to build a fire properly with kindling wood before placing larger logs on top. Do not use chemicals such as gasoline to start a fire faster. Always check the fireplace’s damper to make sure it is open to permit smoke to escape.

Fireplace Safety Tip Four: Keep Children and Pets Away from the Fireplace

Teach children to stay away from a fireplace all of the time, and keep pets caged to avoid an accidental burn that can lead to a dangerous fire in a home.

Fireplace Safety Tip Five: Keep Clothing and Hair Away from Flames

While starting a fire, adding logs or cooking food, tie back long hair and roll up long sleeves to avoid catching these items on fire. Never leave a fire unattended to avoid accidental flames that can cause property damage, but if it does occur, then insurance coverage helps to pay for the repairs.

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