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The cool fall temperatures are a sign that winter is coming, making it the perfect time to take care of home improvements. Taking the time to make some changes to your home can save you money and headaches once cold temperatures set in. Many home improvements for fall can be paid for by homeowners insurance coverage. Below are easy ways to home improvement for all homeowners.

Check Your Gutters For Debris

Your gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. Fall is a great time to clean these out, removing as much debris as possible. This will ensure your gutters do not get clogged or frozen over.

Look At Your Roof

Your roof has an important job, it keeps your home protected from harsh winter rain and wind. This is the time to get your roof examined by a professional for signs of wear and tear, missing shingles or leaks. Most insurance coverage has provisions for roof repairs and replacements. It is far better to have this done before the first snowfall when a leak could cause damage to the inside of your home.

How Old Are Your Windows? It May Be Time To Replace Them

When doing home improvements for fall, check your windows. If they are over 10 years old, they are most likely not as energy efficient as they should be. Some signs your windows are not efficient are visible condensation on the glass or feeling cold air through the window glass. Homeowners insurance coverage often covers window replacements after a certain period of time, so check your policy to be sure. Look for windows with the Energy Star rating from the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, most insurance coverage requires this rating for replacement.

These are some of the most beneficial home improvements for fall for homeowners. You can also find easy ways to home improvement in small ways such as sealing gaps in your home’s foundation and having your heater checked before you use it.

Fall Home Improvement Options


The fall is the ideal season for home improvements. The weather has gotten a little cooler and people are ready for change! Before you make any improvements to your residence, check to see whether they’ll affect your homeowners insurance coverage. They could potentially increase your insurance coverage.


There several easy ways to enjoy home improvement for the autumn. If you’re looking for great ideas for home improvements for fall, begin by considering window replacement. This can be a great way to prevent the discomfort of upcoming unpleasant winter chills in your residence. Think about replacing your windows with glass that’s equipped with filler gasses, spaces or several panes. Not only can this type of window replacement make you feel cozier all fall and winter long, but it can also minimize your monthly heating costs.


Extensive carpet cleaning is another excellent fall home improvement project. The fall months are smack dab in the middle of the muggy summertime and the frigid wintertime, after all. After you deep clean your carpets, open your windows to encourage ventilation. This should make drying go a lot more quickly.


Exterior painting is a terrific fall home improvement option, as well. When it’s the fall, there are still days that are sufficiently warm for outdoor painting jobs. If you give the exterior painting of your residence a swift touch-up, you can keep its trim and siding in good condition for much longer. It can also be good to put sealer or new paint on surfaces that may be concealed under layers of snow in the following months. Stairs and wood floors are just two examples of these kinds of surfaces.


Roof repair, last but not least, is a superb fall home improvement idea. Since the winter months exacerbate roofs that have leaks, the fall is a wonderful time to take care of these problems.

Smart DIY Safety Gear

October 1st, 2015 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Homeowners Insurance - (0 Comments)

Accidents can occur during DIY projects at home. However, there are easy ways to home improvement. If you use the proper gear, you can avoid a costly hospital bill.


Safety Goggles


Safety goggles will shield your eyes whenever you use a tool to cut or saw through wood. Some eyewear can also provide protection against toxic solvents, such as polishes and varnishes. When shopping for goggles, test each pair in the store. Good eye gear should fit over your face snugly and securely.


Earmuffs and Earplugs


If you own loud power tools, earplugs or earmuffs should be worn because your ear drums are very sensitive. According to doctors, when the ear drums are exposed to 85 decibels for an extended length of time, noise-induced hearing loss could occur. To fully protect your ears, you should wear earplugs and earmuffs together.




Gloves will keep your hands safe when you handle sharp items or heavy furniture. Because there are so many kinds of gloves, you must choose a pair that suits your preference. Typically, tight-fitting gloves provide better grip during heavy lifting tasks. Cotton gloves are ideal for light projects because they offer less protection.


Mats and Kneepads


Without kneepads or a mat, your knees will bruise whenever you tackle a time-consuming repair project underneath the sink. A mat should be considered if you plan to tackle repairs continuously in one spot. If a project will require constant movement, kneepads are a better choice.

By using these safety accessories, you can tackle all of your projects without any major risks. To protect your home, consider investing in insurance coverage. To learn more about your options, contact a local company and request homeowners insurance coverage.

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