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One of the best ways to get a better price on home insurance coverage is with green home upgrades. Insurance companies love green upgrades because these updates make homes healthier and safer, which reduces insurance coverage claims. For example, homeowners usually replace dangerous materials that easily ignite or release harmful VOCs. Large-scale green upgrades that increase property value typically lead homeowners to invest in modern security and SMART home systems.


Reduce your home insurance coverage premiums with a few simple changes. Consider these easy ways to have a green home when planning your next small or large renovation project:


– Install energy-efficiency equipment, such as Energy Star appliances, solar- and thermal-based heating and cooling units, CFL light bulbs and socket timers that automatically shut off power to hibernating electric devices.
– Prevent air leakage and temperature fluctuations by sealing gaps everywhere you find them throughout your home, such as around windows, doors and vents, along baseboards, behind electrical outlets and in walls.
– Replace faucets, toilets and shower heads that are more than 20 years old with newer, more efficient ones that use less water or monitor water usage.
– Choose a drip irrigation system for watering outdoor plants that carefully dispenses a precise number of water droplets to plant roots instead of flinging water all over plant tops where it can evaporate quickly.
– Pick eco-friendly alternatives made from recycled and sustainable materials when updating common renovation areas, including cabinets, countertops, floors and decks.


Of course, these few easy ways to have a green home do more than provide insurance coverage benefits. Green upgrades reduce energy bills, improve indoor air quality and make any type of home more comfortable and inviting. Many of these changes can even result in substantial breaks at tax time because of government incentive programs.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade to Green

Going green isn’t just a popular idea; it can save you money on your insurance coverage and your utility bills. These quick and easy upgrades to having a green home can reduce the amount you pay for your homeowners insurance coverage and brighten your home.


5 Ways to Upgrade What You Have


Going green starts with using what you have on hand more efficiently. Try these five ideas to use less energy.

1. Clean light fixtures.

Using compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) saves energy; but if the fixtures are dirty, you may be using more light than necessary. Keeping the dust off of light fixtures allows more light into the room with lower wattage and fewer bulbs.

2. Use power strips.

Anything that’s plugged into the wall is using power even when it’s not in use. Using power strips for kitchen appliances as well as computers and televisions stops the flow of energy when appliances aren’t in use.

3. Check insulation.

Insulation regulates the temperature and air quality in your home. Checking the insulation in walls and attic spaces allows you to catch leaks and mold before costly repairs have to be made. Proper insulation also reduces utility costs.

4. Move the refrigerator away from the wall.

Many homeowners try to save space by pushing the refrigerator close to the wall. Moving the refrigerator just a few inches further away from the wall increases air flow and uses less power.

5. Take advantage of south facing windows.

You don’t have to have solar panels to take advantage of solar energy. Opening the shades on south facing windows provides passive solar heat to your home generic cialis express. In the winter, this free heat saves you money on your heating bills.

Using these simple tips saves you money, time and resources so you can enjoy your home more.

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