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Before the first claim is filed, and even before the first premium is paid, trust between the customer and agency should be cultivated. Whether the customer needs a policy for homeowner insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, the goal of the agency should be to demonstrate trust factors that ensure that every customer will be a lifelong client.


One such trust factor is competence. A thorough knowledge of the product and the ability to articulate the parameters of the insurance coverage is essential for building client confidence. The customer should know what they’re purchasing and should be confident that their homeowner insurance coverage, renters insurance coverage, auto insurance coverage or business insurance coverage meets their needs.


Additionally, a regular review of the product is needed to determine if the customer continues to have adequate insurance coverage. Does the client’s homeowner insurance coverage reflect recent upgrades made to the home? Is their renter’s insurance coverage for personal liability sufficient? Would an increase in coverage give greater protection for a customer reevaluating auto insurance coverage? Should our business client add professional liability to their business insurance coverage? Such care demonstrates to clients that they are a top priority.


A further demonstration of trust is through exceptional customer service. Can the agency be counted on when the customer files a claim? Whether the claim is for minor damage or a catastrophic loss, a demonstration of compassion, patience, regular follow-up and an expeditious handling of a claim will go a long way to show the customer that they are valuable clients.


Whether clients are shopping for homeowner insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, trust factors such as competence and excellent customer service will ensure that your customers will be with you for a long time.

In this day and age, it is still possible to encounter people who many misconceptions about obtaining basic insurance coverage. It doesn’t matter whether they own their house or not, these adults carry neither homeowner insurance or renters insurance coverage. If most states didn’t require auto insurance, they would probably drive uninsured as well.

Choices abound for consumers

The uninsured are usually concerned with how much insurance coverage they need and how much their monthly payments will cost. While many people still believe they have no choice in the matter, they are in fact sitting in “the drivers seat” when it comes to picking out their coverage. This is true of insurance policies purchased from independent insurance agents, as well as insurance companies who solely operate online.


Auto insurance

For that person who needs to pay a lower monthly premium, a higher deductible amount can be arranged. However should an unfortunate incident occur, you might have to pay for any damages later on. Conversely if one wishes to avoid out-of-pocket charges in advance, a higher monthly premium leaves you free from worry.


Your property is important

Having homeowner insurance is often a necessity, especially for those homeowners who are currently paying off a mortgage to a bank or other lending institution. In the event of damage or a burglary situation, renters insurance coverage will protect residents of apartment buildings too. Rest assured, that a full range of choices are always left up to the policy holder to decide.


Business insurance

Small business owners definitely need to insure their companies, in much the same way as their larger corporate counterparts. With business insurance, losses can be recovered quickly. No matter what your company sells or manufactures, gambling with your way of making a living is a dangerous thing to do.

It’s Your Business!

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It’s Your Business – Protect It!

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard how importance insurance coverage is. It really can’t be overstated however, because without business insurance you’re putting yourself, your livelihood, and the livelihood of your employees at risk.


We live in a litigious society, and as unfortunate as that may be, it’s very important to protect yourself with commercial business insurance. Assuming anything goes wrong on the job site, having a proper plan and coverage could save your business from having to spend thousands of dollars – if not hundreds of thousands of dollars – on a situation that could have been avoided by having insurance coverage.


The advice to get proper business insurance isn’t just for brick and mortar establishments either. If, like so many people do in this new era of digital communication, you run an online business, you may wish to consider getting online business insurance. Speak with your agent, but this will generally protect you from common issues faced by all successful internet-based businesses, such as data theft, fraud, and more. You aren’t fully protected if you don’t have online business insurance.


Think about it this way. You insure your home, your vehicle, and likely even yourself (via health or life insurance). Your business is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your life – so why wouldn’t you insure that too? Many affordable options are available for businesses ranging in size from start-up to fully fledged corporations with multiple employees.


Consider your options and do your homework. This is part of owning a successful business – in fact, most business owners consider commercial business insurance as simply one other aspect of their mandatory operating overhead. Do the right thing for yourself, your family, and your employees by finding a coverage plan that works for you and your specific needs.

It’s Your Business!

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Vital Insurance Coverage

Every business owner should have insurance coverage to provide financial reimbursement when disaster strikes. Some of the incidents that can occur to interrupt a business’s operations are natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. Additional disasters that might affect a business are gas explosions or fires. After a disaster happens, it can take days or weeks for utility workers to turn on power in an area, leading to a massive loss of profits. With business insurance, an owner can opt to have business interruption coverage in addition to a policy that helps to replace equipment lost due to a disaster.

Online Business Insurance

Business owners are accustomed to having commercial business insurance for brick-and-mortar storefronts, but today, it is also vital to have online business insurance. With modern technology, more individuals are operating companies exclusively online rather than having real customer foot traffic. Business owners with online companies offering web design services must have online business insurance when equipment such as computers and printers are nonfunctional due to a natural disaster or destroyed completely by a fire. Online business insurance and commercial business insurance are similar by providing partial or full replacement costs for lost supplies and equipment.

Receive Financial Reimbursement

With business interruption insurance coverage for an online enterprise, owners can seek reimbursement from insurance agents for emergency closures required by the government, moving costs and rental fees for a new location. Despite having an online business, the owner must have a place to have equipment such as printers, telephones and computers to communicate with clients or customers. In addition, business owners can request business insurance reimbursement for the projected operating costs and loss of profits. Having financial documents located off-site in a safe location is vital to prove expenses to a business insurance agent.

It’s Your Business!

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The All-Important Feature of Your Business Plan

Before the start-up of a new business, many business owners omit to include the all important feature of commercial insurance in their business plan. Consider that commercial insurance coverage ranks high in terms of business value. Businesses that consider commercial insurance an asset that increases business value should study the specific type of insurance they need.

Many Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Study the business operation in detail before choosing the most important types of commercial insurance coverage. Most business owners begin with employer insurance coverage. Check with the state in which the business is located regarding employer insurance related to unemployment and disability compensation. This information is found at a Worker’s Compensation State Office. Other types of commercial insurance include:

. Product or Service Liability
. Errors & Omissions
. Automobile
. Malpractice
. Directors and Business Officer’s Liability

Product or Service Liability

This type of insurance protects manufacturers and service providers from liability due to flaws in materials of manufacture that cause product defects. It protects service providers from liability due to second or third party negligence.

Errors & Omissions

Errors & Omissions insurance differs slightly from product or service liability in that it extends beyond the original scope of work or service, to include defaults on policy, municipal permitting rejections and other damages beyond the control of the business owner.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance may not apply to all businesses. Businesses that utilize company-owned vehicles are required to insure licensed drivers and CDLs, as well as vehicles.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance is a necessity for businesses where the potential exists for injuries during work on projects or injuries resulting from professional advice and consultation that cause injury.

Directors and Business Officer’s Liability

Corporations and many non-profit organizations choose this type of insurance as protection against lawsuits.

Many people choose to bundle their home, business and auto policies in order to conveniently pay one company to handle all of the insurance needs. In doing so, companies are able to save money since these companies offer savings for those who expand their policies in adding an additional car.

How much savings can combining insurance policies save someone?

The biggest area of potential savings lies in the home policy, which can produce savings above 30 percent. Multiple cars under an automobile insurance coverage plan can provide a discount of 10 percent or greater for couples and families. Combining all of these policies together can translate into thousands easily for the homeowner with multiple cars and business on just one policy.

Why combining home, business and auto policies work for business owners?

Companies know that homeowners have a range of insurance needs. Getting all of those home insurance coverage and other needs met requires offering competitive pricing for policyholders. Insurance companies cannot effectively do that without offering opportunities to bundle multiple policies. In offering multiple lines in a packaged manner, they are able to justify the steep discounts offered to their policyholders. Combining all of these policies together is advantageous for the insurance company in that they have more lines to work with to offer the competitive prices needed to keep their policyholders happy.

According to a study on Insurance Quotes, the average family was able to save and average of 15 percent just for bundling all of their coverage with one provider. States like Oklahoma and Iowa averaged savings above 20 percent in bundling while states like North Carolina and Rhode Island averaged savings of 11 and 12 percent, respectively. Many have chosen to ditch the multiple carriers in lieu of a single insurance provider to meet their home, auto and commercial insurance coverage needs. They have found it more convenient and have been able to save as a result.


If you operate a business, you should have business insurance. Some people assume their company is small enough or they just do not need it. Business insurance is more than just an insurance policy and it helps protect your company when something happens. There are many different types of insurance policies you can purchase to envelope your business, but you do not necessarily need all of them. You can choose the types you want and the coverage you need.

Property Insurance

This type of insurance is perfect if you own your building or have any type of business property. This includes things such as computers, equipment, machines, etc. Coverage under this type of insurance will protect you against theft, fires, vandalism, smoke, etc.

General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance helps protect you and your company against any type of allegations of personal injury or damage. Customers may complain about your product and try to file a lawsuit against you. Your insurance policy will cover you from this.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers your company’s vehicles when you or other employees are using them for business. This protects you and your company from any suits stemming from accidents. Many personal insurance companies will not cover vehicles used for business or cover incidents that happen when the vehicle is being used for business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects your company against damages from professional services. This is important type of insurance to have, especially if you work as an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, and more.

Get Coverage Today

These are some of the basic types of business insurance that your company should carry. If you do not have any coverage or limited coverage, call your local agent at Snow Insurance today and learn about your options.

Starting a business can be a very fulfilling venture, but it’s also hard. To help yourself become successful and stay successful, check out these five tips.

1. Have a Clear Goal

Many businesses fail simply because the people owning them don’t know where they are or where they want to go. Have clear, measurable goals so you always know what your next step will be to better your business. (more…)

Owning a business can be gratifying and profitable. However, without insurance, unexpected losses can result in havoc, worry, and financial loss. Commercial insurance policies for a business should include coverage for the property of a business, coverage for liability claims made against a business, and workers’ compensation coverage to protect the employees and the employer.

The property of a business can include things like autos and buildings. It can also include expensive machinery, tools, and computers. The loss of assets can cripple the ability of a business to continue operating. This can result in a loss of revenue or income. Even worse, a business may lose a share of its market as customers search elsewhere for goods and services. (more…)

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