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If you have a scooter, then you want to make sure that you invest in scooter insurance. Motorcycle insurance is just as important as auto insurance coverage. You also have to make sure that you practice safety when you ride a scooter.

Scooter Driving Tips

Wear A Helmet

This is one of the most important safety tips for driving a scooter. Before you start your scooter, you will need to put on a helmet. It is estimated that 37 percent of motorcycle fatalities can be prevented by wearing a helmet.

Take A Safety Course

Regardless of how long you have been riding a scooter, you can always benefit by taking a motorcycle safety course. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers both introductory and advanced courses. You will receive a variety of scooter driving tips. The more you learn, the more prepared you will be when you get out on the road.

Follow The Rules

This is another one of the most important safety tips for driving a scooter. However, it is one that people often ignore. You should familiarize yourself with the traffic laws and follow them.

Make Sure You Are Visible

Many accidents occur because people are not able to see the scooter rider. That is why you should do everything that you can to increase your visibility. You should avoid blind spots and wear reflective clothing.

The Importance Of Having Scooter Insurance

The purpose of scooter or motorcycle insurance is to cover the cost of accidents. If you do not have insurance, then you will probably be the one who is responsible for paying for the cost of the accidents. It works in the same way that auto insurance does. You will have to pay a premium to maintain your coverage. Keep in mind that you may also be able to get motorcycle insurance from the same company that provides you with auto insurance coverage. Getting scooter insurance and auto insurance from the same provider can also help you save money.

You built your home on the coast, and the weather is lovely. The gorgeous sunsets and breeze blowing in make living here dreamy. That dream can turn into a nightmare if you aren’t prepared for hurricane season. Below are tips about hurricane insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Most people obtain homeowners insurance coverage and don’t worry about storms. They are certain that insurance will cover the damage. Do go over your policy and find out if it covers hurricane insurance. In most cases, it doesn’t. Flooding is typically not covered either. Don’t get caught in a disaster without homeowners insurance coverage for hurricanes.

Commercial Insurance

Do you know what your commercial insurance policy covers? You may be surprised to learn that it generally does not cover hurricane damage. Do purchase a policy with your insurance coverage for hurricanes. Hurricane season can be disastrous to business owners. Don’t let that happen to you.

Auto Insurance

Wind from a big hurricane just slammed your car into another car. You aren’t worried. Your auto insurance will take care of it, right? More than likely, the answer is wrong. Unless you have collision and comprehensive added to your auto policy, you may be out of luck. Do add these to your policy if you don’t already have them. Don’t find yourself up-the-creek without your car.

In General

Insurance coverage can be complicated to understand. You purchase it and think you’re covered. That simply isn’t the case where hurricanes are concerned. Do check your policy to see where you stand. Don’t get caught in the storm without your umbrella of coverage. Hurricane force doesn’t have to force you to lose out.

Four Tips to Prevent Teen Driver Distractions

New auto accident statistics reveal that when passengers distract a driver, a collision is more likely to occur. Not only do you want to prevent an accident from happening while you are a passenger, but also, you don’t want a driver’s auto insurance coverage rates to increase. Here are a few tips to prevent teen driver distractions.

One: Avoid Too Much Talking

To prevent an accident, auto insurance companies suggest that passengers avoid talking too much to a driver. When a passenger is talking, it is difficult to hear an oncoming vehicle’s horn, and some drivers try to look at the person who is talking rather than watching the road.

Two: Don’t Share Foods and Beverages

Resist the urge to hand a driver a bottle of water or a sandwich while they are driving. A driver who is reaching for something cannot keep both of their hands on the steering wheel, making it impossible to swerve away from a vehicle that crosses over from its lane.

Three: Keep Cellphones Turned Off

Having a cell phone while in a vehicle is an excellent way to call someone in an emergency, but do not talk on the device. According to auto accident statistics, cellphone use by passengers is a leading cause of teen driver distractions.

Four: Sit Still While Inside a Vehicle

After choosing a seat in a vehicle, fasten the seat belt and remain in place. Avoid switching seats with other passengers or climbing from the back of a vehicle to the front while it is in motion.

Maintain Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage

If an auto insurance company determines that passengers were acting inappropriately while inside a vehicle during an accident, then the agents can refuse to pay for any damages.

Most people enjoy spring time weather. However, hurricanes are more likely to occur after spring ends. Hurricane season starts in June and ends on November 30. Hurricanes can do a lot of damage and can be frightening to live through. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to stay safe during a hurricane. Below is a list of things that you can do in order to prepare for hurricane season:

Make Sure That You Have The Proper Insurance Coverage

You will need to review your insurance coverage before the hurricane season starts. Your homeowner’s coverage may be sufficient. However, you may also have to get hurricane insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance coverage will likely cover the wind and rain damages, but it may not cover flood damages. That is why you may have to get hurricane insurance. This form of insurance will cover any type of damage that the hurricane causes.

You may also want to review your commercial insurance policy and auto insurance policy. Your commercial insurance can cover damages that a hurricane causes to your building. It can also cover losses that occur if you are forced to temporarily shut down your business because of the weather. Auto insurance will cover damages that the hurricane does to your vehicle.

Take Inventory

Before the nice spring weather ends, you should take inventory of everything that is in your home or business. This will make it a lot easier for you to file an insurance claim.

Make An Emergency Kit

You should stock an emergency kit that has basic things that you will need to survive. First aid kit, change of clothing, essential medication, water bottles, non-perishable food items, batteries, flashlights, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and personal hygiene items are some of the things you should put in an emergency kit.

Before the first claim is filed, and even before the first premium is paid, trust between the customer and agency should be cultivated. Whether the customer needs a policy for homeowner insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, the goal of the agency should be to demonstrate trust factors that ensure that every customer will be a lifelong client.


One such trust factor is competence. A thorough knowledge of the product and the ability to articulate the parameters of the insurance coverage is essential for building client confidence. The customer should know what they’re purchasing and should be confident that their homeowner insurance coverage, renters insurance coverage, auto insurance coverage or business insurance coverage meets their needs.


Additionally, a regular review of the product is needed to determine if the customer continues to have adequate insurance coverage. Does the client’s homeowner insurance coverage reflect recent upgrades made to the home? Is their renter’s insurance coverage for personal liability sufficient? Would an increase in coverage give greater protection for a customer reevaluating auto insurance coverage? Should our business client add professional liability to their business insurance coverage? Such care demonstrates to clients that they are a top priority.


A further demonstration of trust is through exceptional customer service. Can the agency be counted on when the customer files a claim? Whether the claim is for minor damage or a catastrophic loss, a demonstration of compassion, patience, regular follow-up and an expeditious handling of a claim will go a long way to show the customer that they are valuable clients.


Whether clients are shopping for homeowner insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, trust factors such as competence and excellent customer service will ensure that your customers will be with you for a long time.

In this day and age, it is still possible to encounter people who many misconceptions about obtaining basic insurance coverage. It doesn’t matter whether they own their house or not, these adults carry neither homeowner insurance or renters insurance coverage. If most states didn’t require auto insurance, they would probably drive uninsured as well.

Choices abound for consumers

The uninsured are usually concerned with how much insurance coverage they need and how much their monthly payments will cost. While many people still believe they have no choice in the matter, they are in fact sitting in “the drivers seat” when it comes to picking out their coverage. This is true of insurance policies purchased from independent insurance agents, as well as insurance companies who solely operate online.


Auto insurance

For that person who needs to pay a lower monthly premium, a higher deductible amount can be arranged. However should an unfortunate incident occur, you might have to pay for any damages later on. Conversely if one wishes to avoid out-of-pocket charges in advance, a higher monthly premium leaves you free from worry.


Your property is important

Having homeowner insurance is often a necessity, especially for those homeowners who are currently paying off a mortgage to a bank or other lending institution. In the event of damage or a burglary situation, renters insurance coverage will protect residents of apartment buildings too. Rest assured, that a full range of choices are always left up to the policy holder to decide.


Business insurance

Small business owners definitely need to insure their companies, in much the same way as their larger corporate counterparts. With business insurance, losses can be recovered quickly. No matter what your company sells or manufactures, gambling with your way of making a living is a dangerous thing to do.

An Occupation Can Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

Your occupation could affect the rate for your auto insurance coverage. There is published information about the risk factors that are associated with different occupations. Those auto accident statistics are used to determine the amount for an auto insurance premium. Some occupations are recognized as being associated with fewer auto accidents than other high-risk occupations because the employees will be exposed to fewer situations that could result in an accident.

Risk Factors

A professional truck driver will travel to various cities and could be exposed to dangerous driving conditions. There could be heavy rainstorms or icy snowstorms that may cause a vehicle to hydroplane or to slide across a roadway. The weather conditions will affect the risk factors. The number of miles that are driven each day are also important when determining the risk factors for being involved in an accident. A person who only drives 10 miles each week may not encounter very serious problems.

Insurance Premiums

An insurance premium is calculated for each driver. The amount of the premium should reflect the influence from the potential risks that may force an insurance company to pay an amount for a claim. A dangerous driving situation should have a higher risk factor. There should be a lower risk factor for safer driving conditions such as paved roads that have streetlights.

Information From an Insurance Agent

You should speak to your insurance agent when you change your occupation because you may be eligible for a lower monthly premium. Your auto insurance coverage would remain the same but would have a lower monthly cost. The published information about auto accident statistics is a business tool that can be used to control costs. You should stay informed about different insurance rates and purchase an auto insurance policy that will protect your personal assets.

What is Gap Coverage

February 25th, 2016 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Auto Insurance - (0 Comments)

The acronym GAP refers to “guaranteed auto protection” insurance that is available when buy or lease a vehicle. If while making monthly loan or lease payments, a consumer becomes involved in a motor vehicle collision, standard Auto Insurance overage pays a major portion of the repair bill. A problem arises if the vehicle is considered totaled beyond the value of the vehicle and a consumer owes more on the loan or the lease in comparison. Auto GAP coverage insurance makes up the difference.


Vehicles begin depreciating upon leaving the car lot. The rate of depreciation continues every year thereafter. If a consumer does not apply a down payment or applies a small down payment at the time of purchase, they put themselves at risk for owing more money for a longer period of time. The rate of depreciation thus occurs at a faster rate than a consumer is able to pay down the loan or lease.


The majority of automotive dealerships leasing vehicles today include auto gap coverage insurance. The cost varies between companies and may range between $500 to $800 or more, which includes the lease interest. However, if a dealership requires a lease but does not offer the GAP auto insurance coverage, consumers then have the opportunity to shop around for the best deal. Depending on the company chosen, rates may be as low as $200. Nevertheless, in order for consumers to get the most out of GAP coverage, certain conditions must be met.


  • Read and understand the auto GAP coverage insurance. Know the terms of the loan or lease.
  •  GAP policies may not pay out if the consumer does not have continual collision and comprehensive Auto Insurance coverage.
  •  In the event that the vehicle becomes totaled in a collision or is stolen, follow the stipulations established by the auto insurance company, which may include continuing loan or lease payments.


Riding a scooter is a great way for commuters to save a lot of extra money. Not only do scooters burn a lot less fuel, but scooter insurance is also cheaper than automotive insurance. However, you must take the necessary precautions while on the road. Here are a few safety tips for driving a scooter.


Take a Safety Course

Before climbing aboard a scooter, it is a good idea to take a safety course. The professionals will teach you the basic fundamentals of maneuvering a scooter. After taking the safety course, you will have a lot more confidence.


Always Wear the Proper Gear

Even if you only plan to drive a short distance, make it a priority to always wear a helmet. In the event that you are thrown to the ground, your head needs to remain protected at all times. Remember, a good helmet should fit comfortably without impairing your visibility. It is also advisable to wear some form of eye protection.


Never Ride Without Insurance

The Department of Transportation now requires scooters and mopeds to have insurance. Like traditional auto insurance coverage, scooter insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a crash. If your scooter is equipped with a powerful engine, you will likely be required to get motorcycle insurance.


Stay Alert

When traveling on a day-to-day basis, always stay focused on your surroundings. This is certainly one of the most important scooter driving tips.


Perform the Required Maintenance

Be sure to properly maintain your scooter. To ensure that the scooter handles well, check the tire pressure at least every other week. You also need to inspect your lights on a regular basis. If the brake pads are beginning to get low, replace them immediately.


Every experienced driver knows what it’s like to narrowly avoid striking an animal with your vehicle. But it’s not just important to avoid hitting animals just to avoid damage to your car, but also because it will keep your auto insurance coverage rates much lower.


Know Your Environment


Auto animal accident statistics demonstrate that the vast majority of collisions between motor vehicles and animals happen within a mile or two of the car owner’s home. This is why it is so critically important to have a full working understanding of your environment, particularly which animals are active during the day and which are more active a dusk/dawn or at night.


A Few Useful Tips


If you don’t want to risk your auto insurance rates climbing, and want to avoid the sickening thud of having struck another furry creature, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Wooded areas are often home to deer and other large animals
  • Cats are more active during dawn and at dusk
  • Tree-lined areas, where natural habitants border on busy roads, are especially prone to animals suddenly appearing in front of motor vehicles
  • Possums and small marsupials forage alongside the edges of roadways
  • Stray dogs tend to cluster around garbage cans, dumpsters, and landfills
  • Most animals get blinded by headlights at night, and thus freeze in place, unable to run away from your vehicle
  • Rural and less-populated areas are more heavily populated by animals
  • It’s easier to steer around small animals in the roadway than attempt a risky sudden braking maneuver
  • Always wear your seatbelt in case you have to come to a quick stop to avoid hitting an animal

By following these useful tips, and being intimately familiar with the local environment around your house, you should be able to successfully avoid striking an animal with your car.

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