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Summer Rains & Hurricanes

August 11th, 2016 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Homeowners Insurance | Insurance Coverage

2 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe From Late Summer Hurricanes

In the heart of hurricane season, it should not be surprising to hear that your home and your family will experience severe weather events in the coming months. However, if you use these quick storm and hurricane safety tips, you can save your family and your home from the next Sandy.


Have a Storm Plan

Remember conducting routine fire drills in school? Some people find them unnecessary or boring, but they are mandatory for a reason! When reviewing home safety tips with your family, make sure you include a storm plan that the family can execute in about fifteen minutes. Having a stock of canned goods, bottled water, and battery-powered light sources is good, but always plan for the possibility of evacuation. Know the storm shelters in your area, and plan alternate routes to safety centers. The best severe weather advice calls for planning ahead: Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

When is the last time you looked at your insurance coverage? You might be surprised how much storm damage your insurance fails to cover. In fact, almost all homeowners insurance coverage does not cover hurricane or flood damage. Check your insurance coverage and consider if your home needs insurance against flood or hurricanes damage. Better yet, take full advantage of free maps and flood risk tools provided by the U.S. Government. The loss of a home to hurricanes and flooding can be heartbreaking, but well-planned insurance policies can provide you and your family peace of mind and support in a disaster scenario.

With a little bit of effort, these storms and hurricane safety tips will keep your home and your family safe in the near future. Do you have any severe weather advice that we missed? Feel free to comment with your own home safety tips and experiences!

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