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5 Tips for Deterring Burglars From Your Home

January 7th, 2016 | Posted by Brenda Snow in Homeowners Insurance

The thought of someone breaking into the sacred space you call home is jarring. While you cannot prevent all misfortunes from occurring, you can do your best to protect yourself and your family.


1. Get a Dog.
While you should adopt a pet because you love him or her, and not as a working animal, dogs offer an important security benefit. They make noise. If a person approaches the house, a barking dog can ward that individual off. You should speak with your homeowner insurance company before adopting since some homeowner insurance coverage policies will not cover certain types of dogs.


2. Install an Alarm System.
An alarm system, complete with signs advertising the presence of the system on the lawn, doors and windows, is a smart way to keep people away. Take a look at your homeowner insurance coverage policy and speak with your homeowner insurance company because you may receive a reduction on the rate.


3. Set up Video Cameras
No one wants to get caught on tape destroying a home, whether you have homeowners insurance or renters insurance coverage. Of the home theft prevention tips, installing a camera is a smart one. Post a sign that says a camera exists. If someone still does break in, you will have footage of him or her.


4. Better Doors and Windows
When you are installing windows and doors that are sturdier, you should also find out if your insurance coverage offers any breaks for doing so. You may find that your insurance coverage will reduce the fee if you have certain types of units and locks.


5. Secure the House
The last of these home theft prevention tips is to make sure you always lock your windows and doors, even if you are home or just running out for a few minutes.


Whether you own a home or are researching renters insurance coverage, these tips can help you to stay safe.

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